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Greeting to music lovers and everybody interesting in our Site!

The 3rd rock-festival in Segezha is over. In spite of all obstacles on the way to the spawning of that art-creature, the festival passed by merrily and successfully. Guests visited the local museum, tasted Vig lake perch-pike, drank "Bronzovy Vek" beer, made bus-walk tour to the shore of Vig lake and the most important thing they played. And played very well!

Chronology, the 1st day.

1. The group "Vse", Kondopoga town (Karelia)
The representatives of style close to hard-and-heavy playing as well other style of music, depends on circumstances (look at the name, "Vse" means "Everything"). The group is led by Firsov German Ivanovitch, the rock-and-roll veteran, who turned sixty already.

2. Group "Mol'", Kotlas (Arkhangelsk region).
Energetic, hard guitar rock with very tough saxophone impregnation.

3. Group "Kuzya Band" + Andrey Gladkikh, Murmansk + Severomorsk.
Very calm, North program "Khibiny".

4. Group "Skiphy", Segezha (Karelia).
Founding fathers of Segezha rock-and-roll player Russian and English language hits - the best of all music in the world.

5. Group "Shugalovo TORCH", Petrozavodsk.
Very inflammatory symbiosis of different heavy styles. Such a kink monster with death, hardcore and other entrails in industrial shell.

6. Group "Berega", Segezha, Karelia.
Mixture of brisk and calm folk with hard guitar traditions, as well as experiments with ethnic-fantasy.

7. Group "Blansh" Petrozavodsk.
Nothing to say, classical rhythm-and-blues, always welcome and recognizable. All right. But they are white themselves.

The 2nd day.

1. "Vse" began the day but with different musicians.
2. Group "Abviotura" Rostov-on-Don
Very original guitar folk with South traditions. Everybody was just impressed with them.

3. Group "Decadance" Arkhangelsk.
Intellectuals, professionals, virtuosos of so rare art-rock.

4. Group "Skript" Moscow.
Very obsessed Moscow alternative style. The solo-bass guitar in sex simbol of festival - Dima. And he sang - "I became old man". Who could believeЕ

5. Group "Severo-Zapadny Les", Segezha, (Karelia).
BluesЕ It is so touching. The rock roots are above of fashion.

6. Group "Kuzya-Band", Murmansk
Very pleasant melodic music with philosophy and ironic themes from the program "Returning of pervetin pilot".

7. Group "Likbez", Belomorsk, (Karelia)
Very soft folk-rock with plenty of block-flute, village songs etc.

Alexander Rokmus

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