Rock - fest in Kostomuksha


The musical world of Karelia was stirred by an event which, in spite of 17th of August, took place on 4 - 5 of December. The scheduled rock-festival "NORD SESSION" was hold in Kostomuksha. The press-conference, with the participation of Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise, local authorities and the organization committee representatives as well as participants of the festival, opened the festival. The conference was rather a creative dispute then a conference in the real meaning of this word. The delicate question of the "Petrozavodsk" newspaper about allegedly wrong spend money was "buried" by all people in the hall. First of all the good will of the sponsors (GOK, townhall, Ministry of the Culture), is not money itself, but to deprive the auditorium the possibility to attend the festival so neccessary is just impossible. This time there were three stages at the festival, there some good features in that and some bad ones. On one hand there is a possibility to choose exactly what you want to listen to, on the other hand your attention is dispersed while choosing - because fifteen groups are working at the concert in just one evening.

Out town, this time, was represented by the group "Berega". Those Segezha adventurers started with a jerk to Kostomuksha, having played in new membership only for three months. "Berega" became heavier - this is good. Now their music sounds like something post-hard folk-rock. They are still melodious, some songs made in untraditional form, with changing rhythm, outing into academically vocal, and all that was served with solid fuse. They got not very lucky stage, there were some problems with the sound, besides it was prepared for punk-groups. But spectators with half a metre irokez got quite quickly what they were fed with and began to dance under "Berega" "Road" and one of them waved his red scarf in front of the soloist, he either liked her very much or he is communist.

What did we remember else? Of course "Stellorator" and "Corrumption" where Maxim Garloev is participating now (ex "Severo-Zapadny Les"). The most powerful heavy industrial, crazy psykhedelia, driving both the auditorium and the musicians mad. The bright show of Kirishy group "Mary Kresh". "Likbez" from Belomorks were playing very well, as well as our old friends "Kradenoe Solntse" from Petersburg's theatre DDT and Finns from "Tailspinners" and many many other groups, the whole amount of those was thirty. Thousands of people began to move home towards four o'clock AM, getting tired, you knowЕ

Alexander Rokmus

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A.Dorofey, S.Kostuk

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