Segezha, 9 - 10 of July.



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1. The festival is hold here for the very first time. First time - with broadened geographical and style of groups. The criteria of members selecting - the private contacts of the organizers. Predominance rhythm-and-blues; the second position - folk (LIKBEZ, BEREGA) and hard music. The wonder of the festival - DEKADANS from Arkhangelsk, professional tiresome art-rock.

2. The lobby of the House of Culture (the cause to mock) with very bad acoustic characteristics. Nobody could defend the sound the first day (funny Murmansk KUZYA-BAND was suffered most of all). The second day - equal.

3. Petrozavodsk = quality? BLASH and SHUGALOVO TORCH sounded better then the rest of others. SHUGALOVE (ex-STELLORATOR): industrial metal. Clear concert experience, skilled work with the auditorium. Favorits.

4. Everybody dance in Segezha under any kind of music. SCRIP lost some beer, betting nobody would be able to dance under their music All girls had long, flowing hair and they wave them, wave

5. SKRIP (Moscow) - the most vivid membership. Red-haired, freckled Misha the drummer, fat white Niger Misha the guitar player, buryat from Moscow Dima - bass, vocal. Absolutely unbearable in usual life and unexpectedly good on the stage. "Experimental rock" - very hard and pleasant.

6. Three local groups: SKIFs - old pub fighters, were playing "Mashina Vremeny's" and "Slade's" things. SEVERRO-ZAPADNY LES - solid rith-and-blues. BEREGA - folk-rock with loud-voiced and a little bit eccentric vocalist Lena. Not quite ripe but their potential looked through.

7. ABVIOTURA (Roston-on-Don) - wonderful boys, smart, funny and very talented. The guitar group with some mixture of folk, blues and God-knows what else. Absolutely non-Rostov sound. The "Rybka" sensation and everybody's favorite.

8. Fantastic sunsets. Nights are very white. Lakes everywhere. Pulp and paper monster - disgusting. The town - small and calm. Enthusiasm - real.

9. If everybody feels sad and does not want to leave - it means the festival was in a success.

Thanks to: Yelena & Alexander Dorofey for the festival, Victor and Sergey Kostuk for hospitality,
ABDIOTUR - for funny 10 kilometres along the forest.

Fuzz. Y. Borisova, Photo: Sergey Babenko

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A.Dorofey, S.Kostuk

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