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If in the summer we accept the visitors, in the winter Segezha the rock-and-roll marks an occuring season rough visit. In it to a year, safely having sent the residents in Kostomuksha, our constant 1,5 groups (i.e. "Berega" and John) have gone away to conquer st.Peterburg by the kind invitation Ekarerina Borisova , marking in FUZZе potential of group even in summer.

The measure was named " the Fourth ladder " (fourth not in sense " fifth a sprocket ", that is why, that fourth time) - festival audio "underground" is carried out. "Underground" for three days (2, 3 and December 4) was justified in very small, reminding doll theatre, hall of club "Korabel" for want of house of Shipbuilding institute.

The structure acting was divided into two main groups: so-called "singletons" with guitars and audio commands. The audience very cultural, reacts в€ловато - инфантильно, on our active group of support is timid озиралась, being with restraint christened. At them there, similar, even it is not accepted to applaud, for the reason that those who "abrupt" - they about themselves everyone know, and who not so - that and to clap does not cost. I any more do not speak about "ok" message and joyful rock - and - roll singing. Very much all is underground.

In quality headliners of a festival it is necessary to name Kostantin Arbenin (" Zimov'e zverey" St.-Petersburg), group "Gandy" (Zelenograd), Cooperatting with Inna Zhelannaya, Evgenia Diatlova ("Presutstvie", "Auction", "Aty-Baty"), Kiril Komarov, and not requiring in submission legendary Alexand Cherchenskiy.

By the way, after Cherchenskiy, which performance has passed in valid death silence, the attempt расшевелить анемичных ленинградцев was undertaken By(with) "coast". Completely clearly: that it is possible to name fairly weighted "Coast" hardly(with an effort) as audio command, but on genre trend the festival was folk, group left from underground National songs, was quite entered. Though, petersburg folkers, in main persistently a field.

For a long time is told, " to stand, I should be kept of the radicals ", and it became the lien of doubtless success of group. To me, in this case, difficultly to be objective (owing to brightly expressed backward patriot), but, by response of a hall, the Karelian fate is fresh and is original. " Is sincere... " - almost simultaneously have marked Cherchenskiy and itself Katia.

Solo performance John (E.Shetko) was perfect exponent, With healthy power, with good engineering. On my sight, from it of operation he has suffered from choice of the tool, but, nevertheless, by first blues an depressions atmosphere in a little hall.

At last I shall note group, personally on me very pleasant "Bashia ROWAN " cheerful songs with sometimes hardly by the texts, as a whole, very much qualitative sounding, unity of idea of creativity and form of its realization.

Q.W.As the summary I shall bring opinion of the participants of group of "Coast" that the similar departures are useful to creative growth of the musicians,
Enable to get acquainted with musical sights, stylistics of groups of other genre directions, and also, that for us, Segezha, it is important to find the potential visitors future "RYBKA-4"

V.Ilina "Info-birzha"
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A.Dorofey, S.Kostuk

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