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Last Saturday the large hall of a House of culture Segezha was full. Hundreds spectators came on a concert of a rock group, popular and favourite in city -"Skify".

In a hall it was possible to see the people of several generations, and it is easy was explained by name of a concert - "Skify - 20 years old ". The holiday of the musicians became a holiday of city, it of the inhabitants. They knew these the guys, grew together with them, became higher, worked a number, married, brought up children, monitored their creativity. And "Skify", keen by beauty of songs harmonies, gave the art and talent to the townspeople.

The concert began by songs of the founder of group and composer S.Balyashkina. It for a long time is not present with collective, but the compositions sound in anyone them Performance. They memory and ornament of the program. A trace was bright fireworks National is hit epoch 70-90-х. It is songs warming soul by memoirs. The hall sang together with the musicians.

Certainly, there were many visitors, congratulations. From Kondopoga city has arrived To congratulate the friends the patriarch of the Karelian rock-and-roll G. Firsov, and not one, and With the son, also by musician, Alfredom and new group "Vse!". Petrozavodsk represented masters the pro V.Ivanov and G.Razumeev, at one time also working in "Skify". In a concert Many known musicians Segezha - E.Shetko participated also, V.Lazarev, A.Kuchko, young group "Berega", pupils Musical school.

Deserved worker of culture of republic G.Vochel, leading a concert, very much Precisely has told about group: main that they is and always respond on Any request about performance, whether it be trip in long-distance settlement of area, in Field on harvest of a crop or concert in working midday in shop.

Soul of collective - A.Sudarev (drums) , past with group all path by present star o'clock, with humour, inherent in him, has commented display slides about a history of group. Final jam - session in a circle of the friends and the musicians was a ring of a holiday, nobody keeping indifferent.

In Segezha carefully store the musical traditions, on them are brought up new generations of the musicians. In this eligibility the lien saturated cultural life of edge hereafter. 20 years - age of youth. Good luck to you, "Skify", in future concerts, fates - festivals!

V. Pukhov.

A.Dorofey, S.Kostuk

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